Half Year Report (October 2010 – March 2011)

Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association
Half Year Report (October 2010 – March 2011)

1- Advise Centre’s General Activities and Services provide. Service Users
2- The works provided from Community Support Worker
3- Funding and Financial
4- Adults and Education
5- Traditional Culture Festivities

1- Advise Centre’s general activities and services provide. Service users

Community Advise Centre is continue provide services to members of Vietnamese community Monday to Friday, people who visit the Centre asking advise and guidance or seeking for help i.e., Welfare Benefits, Pension Credit, Housing and Council Tax, Gas, water and Electricity bills, Hospital or Doctor appointment, Children School letters, Passport, Driving License renewal…

The Advise Centre also open for ESOL Classes for people Learning English Level One and Level Two helping people improve their English.

2- Community Support Worker:

  • Liaise with Jobcentre Plus offices and Benefit Services to ensure that people are getting the right of Welfare benefit, Housing and Council Tax benefit to which they are entitle to.
  • Liaise with HM Revenue regarding about Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit for Working families with low Income.
  • Liaise with Child Benefit Office.
  • Liaise with Housing Associations, Birmingham City Housing Dept. For Rent arrears and maintenance services.
  • Liaise with Hospitals, GP for Patients with language difficulty.
  • Translate for School reports, Letters etc.

Daily Visitor record book showed that. The number of people visited Advise Centre was recorded:
October 2010 to March 2011 = 1,685 + 150. Total: 1,835 service users

(Please find enclosed attachment)

New Year Festival 07-02-2010 150 people attended at MVRCA’s Advice Centre

Total: Vietnamese People using the MVRCA services: 1,835 Vietnamese people beneficiary from
Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association service provided for 6 months from October 2010 to March 2011.

3- Funding and Financial

And MVRCA’s account statement on 31st of March 2011 show that the MVRCA a/c balance is: £ 12,542.54
Birmingham Volunteer Services Council ( BVSC) responsible for MVRCA’s Staff salary
(Also the Management report account of Fourth quarters from April 2009 to March 2010 has been completed)

4- Adults and Education

There are two sections of ESOL Classes: intermediate Level One Tuesday-Thursday 10am to 12am
Level Two Wednesday – Friday 10am to 12 am at MVRCA’s Advise Centre.

The Learners enjoyed attending the class. Whilst they learned English they socialised at the same time.
The class had a wide range of age difference from early 20s to over 60s, but they respected each other and get on well. The Class referred to is ESOL Entry 1& Entry 2. Speaking, listening, reading and writing exams. Some have moved up to a higher-level and are studying at other language centres.

Saturday Supplementary School at The Vietnamese Catholic Pastoral Centre, 10 Wye Cliff Road. Handsworth Birmingham every Saturday, with a number of 45 Children in 4 classes and on the Saturday 29th January 2011 Birmingham Local Education Authority holds a special annual event to celebration the achievement of Pupils in Supplementary Schools at The Centennial Centre Ickniel Port Road Edgbaston. Three Vietnamese Pupils also have been awarded for high achievement.

5- Traditional New Year Culture Festivals

This year 2011, The Vietnamese Lunar New Year. The year of the Cat and because weather was very cold the MVRCA’s Committee Members cannot organised with a wider services of performances to provide services to Vietnamese community members but we have managed to organised an event The New Year celebration and attracting a number of 150 people participants at MVRCA Community Advice Centre on:
Sunday 30th January 2011.

In order to continue serving the Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association more effectively, we would like to ask for your help and supportive.


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