ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Report 3rd October 2010

Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Report 3rd October 2010


The Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association is a registered charity (Charity Registration Number 702306) that was founded in 1982 with the mission to:

  • Preserve and develop the Vietnamese cultural heritage;
  • Assist the Vietnamese community to integrate into the UK’s multi-cultural society and to improve their living and working conditions, and
  • Ensure that the Vietnamese community have equal access to available services.

Service Provision

The Association has been providing the following services:

1. Advice and support on education, employment, training, housing and welfare benefits.

2. Organisation of cultural events and recreational activities.

3. Organisation of mother tongue classes for Vietnamese children. English classes.

4. Liaison with statutory and non-statutory organisations.

Management Committee

Mr. Thanh Lap LeChairman
Mr. Xuan Thanh NguyenExternal Vice Chairman
Mrs. Diep Ngoc VuInternal Vice Chairman
Mrs. Bich Thi NguyenTreasurer
Mr. Quang Son PhamSecretary


We would like to acknowledge the financial support and practical help given to us by:

  • Birmingham City Council
  • Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales
  • Comic Relief
  • Equalities Division
  • Adults Communities, Birmingham Education
  • Third Sector
  • BVSC
  • Refugee Council
  • The Vietnamese Catholic Pastoral Centre
  • Members and friends of the Association who have lent their time and support especially:
Rev Tien Dac Nguyen Vietnamese Catholic Pastoral Centre
Mr Van Su Nguyen (Advisory Support Group Leader)
Mr and Mrs P D Le (Elderly Group Leader )
Mr Ung To Van (Elderly Group Vice Chair )
Mr V Tu Bui (Support Group )
Mr and Mrs Chieu Nguyen (Support Group )
Mr and Mrs Chi My Tran (Tai Chi Master)
Vietnamese Music Group
Voluteer Group

Main activities in the year

Advice Centre Service

Staffed by one part time worker and the Committee Members and 10 very actively Volunteers, the Association offered advice and information to the Vietnamese community on a wide range of issues such as welfare benefits, housing, nationality, health, education and employment. In the past year, the Association dealt with a total of 1,350 individual cases, Elderly Club and ESOL Classes, bring a total number of service users to 2,677 .

The Association’s Advice Centre opened Monday to Friday, 9AM to 2PM and Saturday 10AM to 2PM to satisfy the demand.

Services Update:

Advise Centre Activities and Services provide. Service Users

Community Advise Centre is continue provide services to members of Vietnamese community Monday to Friday, people who visit the Centre asking advise and guidance or seeking for help i.e., Welfare Benefits , Pension Credit, Housing and Council Tax, Gas, water and Electricity bills, Hospital or Doctor appointment, Children School letters, Passport, Driving License renewal….

The Advise Centre also open for ESOL Classes for people Learning English Level One and Level Two helping people improve their English.

Daily Visitor record book showed that. The number of people visited Advise Centre was recorded:

October 2009 76 Clients 48 ESOL Students attended
AGM 27th Sept 2009 120 people
Mid Autumn Festival 130 Children
Elderly Club, Tai-Chi Club 92 Older people using the services
November 2009 59 Clients 45 ESOL Students attended
Elderly Club, Tai-Chi Club 86 Older people using the services
December 2009 32 Clients 27 ESOL Students attended
Elderly Club, Tai-Chi Club 74 Older People Using the services
January 2010 41 Clients 48 ESOL Students attended
( No service for Elderly because Cold weather )
February 2010 58 Clients 25 ESOL Students
New Year Festival 07-02-2010 400 people attended
March 2010 148 Clients 89 ESOL Students
April 2010 88 Clients 47 ESOL Students

63 Older People Using the services
May 2010 74 Clients 100 ESOL Students

82 Older People Using the Services
June 2010 77 Clients 88 ESOL Students

71 Older People Using the Services
July 2010 63 Clients 57 ESOL Students

72 Older People Using the Services
August 2010 48 Clients ESOL ( Summer break)

68 Older People Using the Services
September 2010 80 Clients 43 ESOL Students
61 Older People Using the Services

Total: Vietnamese People using the MVRCA services: 2,677 Vietnamese people beneficiary from Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association service provided from October 2009 to September 2010.

ESOL Classes

ESOL Classes were provided by Birmingham Adults Education Department and Trinity House to help people with reading and writing English. There were 3 sessions every week from Monday to Friday.

MVRCA’s Website

The MVRCA Website has been updated, information’s and activities are monthly updating. The Elderly Club, Tai-Chi Club and Seaside Trips, Vietnamese Community Social event’s pictures. Please come and visit your Home page:

Supplementary Class

Nearly 40 children attended the Vietnamese Supplementary Class every Saturday to learn about their mother tongue and about aspects of Vietnamese history and culture. There were 4 classes at 4 different levels.

Cultural Activities

The Association celebrated the Year of the Tiger at Holte Community Leisure Centre in 07th February. The celebrations were well attended and attracted an audience of 400 people. And on the 3rd of October 2010, MVRCA has organised The Moon Festival and about 350 Vietnemese People attended. The young people took part in a range of performances including a Dragon Dance, folk dance and traditional live music. The event was successful in terms of the attendance, the quality of the performances, the joyful atmosphere, the participation of the community and the sense of achievement, as it was all organised by a band of dedicated volunteers, and the Music entertainment, and refreshment was provided.

Elderly Luncheon Club

Thanks to the financial support from Birmingham City Council, Third Sector Partnership. The Association was able to continue its Elderly Luncheon Club. Up to 20 to 25 elders attended the Luncheon Club each week. They enjoyed having a social time together, taking TAI-CHI lessons to keep fit and healthy , which were given by Master Chi My Tran every Saturday from 11AM to 12 AM, singing karaoke, social gathering and sharing meals in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The Association also subscribes to a Vietnamese monthly magazine, DVD Music to enable the elders to read about current events and feature stories in their own language.


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